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Citrine Mala, 1.25 lac Brihaspati Mantras Abhimantrit

Amount (Rs.): 2100


1. Brihaspati Citrine Mala has been chanted with 1.25 lac Brihaspati Mantras in front of Brihaspati Bhagwan at Brihaspati Dham Temple, Jaipur.

2. It amplifies the positive effects, specifically effects related to Brihaspati(Jupiter) and reduces the malefic effects of Brihaspati in Kundli. 

3. Brihaspati Graha is associated with providing Wealth, Health, Foreign Travel, Education, Business, Job, Children and Marriage in kundli according to astrology. Hence by wearing this mala or using it to jaap (Chant) Mantras 108 times specially on Thursday, Om Shri Gurve Namah or any other Guru mantra, one can see and improve these aspects of their life. This mala can also be worn daily.

4. Brihaspati Graha (Jupiter Planet) is also associated with many illnesses in the body including, various liver diseases and cancer as well, according to vedic astrology.

5. Each Brihaspati Citrine Mala will have its additional Pujan done in the name of the person, ordering the Mala before sending (Pujan Video Included).

6. Brihaspati Citrine Mala is made of 108 citrine beads.

7. All proceeds goes towards temple development.

8. Free Delivery (In India), & Dispatches in 2-3 Working Days.

9. Each package contains a Katha Book and Brihaspati Bhagwan Photos.


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