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Brihaspati Dham Temple Advisory Board

Brihaspati Dham Mandir (Temple) and all its subsidiaries are controlled, operated and managed by Brihaspati Dham, which is managed by founder Mahent Narendra Ji as a private entity from the Temple office 
of Brihaspati Dham in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Since governing a large entity at a global scale requires a large pool of dedicated minds, Mahent Narendra Ji is also assisted by a number of advisory members, who are part 
of the support team. The key role of advisory board is to assist and provide solutions to help 
Mahent Narendra Ji to achieve his mission of spreading the word about Lord Brihaspati and way of sattvic living. Apart from finding solutions advisory board members also implement those very solutions.

Advisory board members:

President of Advisory Board - 
Shri Sanjeev Kumar Kanojia - New Jersey, USA
1. Shri Jitendra Tanwar - Jaipur
2. Shri Dheeraj Sharma Financial Advisor - Delhi
3. Dr. Neelima Shekhawat - Jodhpur
4. Advocate R.K. Daga - Jaipur
5. Col. Vinod Verma - Delhi
6. Santosh Baby Somani - Dhaka, Bangladesh
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