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Become Brihaspati Parivar Member (for 1 year)

Brihaspati Parivar Membership

Amount (Rs.): 700.00 (for 1 year)


Membership Includes:

1. Brihaspati Havan, Vishnu Shahastranam  is conducted every day for all Brihaspati Parivar Members, for their well being.

2. Rudra Abhishek is conducted for all Brihaspati Parivar Members, everyday.

3. All Brihaspati Parivar Members receive blessings of Guru Brihaspati by email or message.

4. Brihaspati Jap is performed for all members.

5. Free Kundli Service for all Brihaspati Parivar Members.

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Mandir Opening Timings

Monday          6AM - 9PM
Tuesday        6AM - 9PM
Wednesday    6AM - 9PM
Thrusday       6AM - 10PM
Friday          6AM - 9PM
Saturday       6AM - 9PM
Sunday          6AM - 9PM

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