Who is Brihaspati Bhagwan? | Dev Guru Brihaspati
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Who is Brihaspati Bhagwan | Dev Guru Brihaspati?

Brihaspati Graha

Brihaspati Graha (Planet)

Lord Brihaspati (also known as Dev Guru Brihaspati) or Brihaspati graha refers to planet Jupiter in Vedic astrology. Maharishi Parashar described Brihaspati as a big body, tawny hair, tawny eyes, phlegmatic, intelligent, and learned male planet. Dev Guru Brihaspati is the teacher and instructor (Guru) of all the gods. Additionally, Jupiter or Brihaspati is the biggest/largest planet in the solar system.It is also considered one of the most influential and auspicious planets in the horoscope. It represents the “Sattvaguna”. Brihaspati rules over North East direction.

Brihaspati Dev (Guru)

Brihaspati appears in the Rigveda as a sage born from the first great light, the one who drove away darkness, is bright and pure, and carries a special bow whose string is of cosmic order (basis of dharma). His knowledge and character is revered, and he is considered Guru (teacher) by all the Devas. In the Vedic literature and other ancient texts, sage Brihaspati is also called by other names such as, Surguru, Vachaspati, Jeeva, Bramanaspati, Purohita, Angirasa (son of Angiras) and Vyasa; he is sometimes identified with god Agni (fire). His wife is Tara (or goddess who personifies the stars in the sky). In the Mahabharata, the son of Brihaspati named Bharadvaja is the counsellor of the Pandavas. The reverence for sage Brihaspati endured through the medieval period, and one of the many Dharmasastras was named after him. While the manuscripts 
of Brihaspati Smriti (Bṛhaspatismṛti) have not survived into the modern era, its verses were cited in other Indian texts. Scholars have made an effort to extract these cited verses, thus creating a modern reconstruction of Bṛhaspatismriti. Secondary literature has been the source for reconstructing the Brhaspati sutras partially. Brihaspati became the root of the word 'Brihaspativara' or Thursday in the Hindu calendar. Brihaspati Age from 35 to 42 years, development of consciousness by Jupiter.
That's why every Thursday is a big day at Brihaspati Dham Mandir, as there is Evening Maha Aarti.

Brihaspati in our Life

Brihaspati or Jupiter is the Karak planet for 5 houses which are 2nd, 5th, 9th, 10th and 11th house of horoscope. Jupiter is also a natural benefactor of Wealth, Success, Religion, Karmas of the past life, luck, progeny, optimism, beliefs, hope, faith, long journeys, further or foreign education, philosophy, law, prosperity, foreign travel, business and confidence. It is also a natural benefactor planet for Marriage in horoscope. Read more about Brihaspati in Astrology here.
Occupation related to Jupiter are everything which has to do with the law: judge, lawyer, Priest, missionary,a prophet. Also: professor, teacher, farmer, breeder etc. If you have a strong Jupiter or some planets in Sagittarius you’re likely to identify yourself with this quotation ‘Climb high, climb far … Your goal is the sky, your aim is the star’ Jupiter controls fats, nose, lever and cough. Diseases related to liver are also caused by Jupiter. It is reputed as the father of every living thing. The worship of Jupiter grants pure, aesthetic life and good health & wealth. As per Ancient Vedic Texts, if a person is under the Antar Dasha of planet Jupiter or if the planet Jupiter is malefic in his horoscope, then a pacification Puja for planet Jupiter is highly recommended and beneficial. Worshipping of this planet results in cure from physical illness as well as good progeny, good education, valour and longevity of life


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