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Brihaspati Prasad Box | Made with Purest Cow(s) Ghee

Amount (Rs.): 700


1. Each Prasad box contains 8 pieces of specially made laddoos which are offered as prasad to Dev Guru Brihaspati at Brihaspati Dham Temple, Jaipur.

2. Prasad of Laddoos are made within the temple premises.

3. Ingredients:- Besan(gram Flour), Boora (Crushed Sugar), Cow’s Ghee.

4. Each Laddoo weighs approx. 60 grams and each 60 gram serving of laddoo contains approx 310 calories. (May contain nuts)

5. Prasad must be consumed within 30 days of making. (usually takes approx 7 days to deliver)

6. Each box of prasad will be offered to Dev Guru Brihaspati at Brihaspati Dham Temple before packaging (Prasad offering Video included).

7. There is an option of distributing the prasad within the temple premises as per your requirement. If you wish to do the same please contact the temple office regarding the same after booking.

8. All proceeds goes towards temple development.

9. Free Delivery (in India) & Dispatches in 2-3 working days.

10. Each Package contains a Katha book and Brihaspati Bhagwan Photos.


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