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Guru Brihaspati (Jupiter) Importance in Astrology


Jupiter in different houses

Jupiter is known as Brihaspati, ‘Brihad’ (बृह्द्) means big or great and ‘Pati’ means protector. Hence Brihaspati means great protector. He is also referred to as Guru, Jeeva, Daiva, Sura Guru and Devaguru. Jupiter is considered the most auspicious planet in Vedic astrology. Jupiter signifies knowledge, wisdom, Religion, spirituality, philosophy etc. 

Every planet has some favourable and unfavourable houses  same with Jupiter. Results of Jupiter in various houses are as below:

Brihaspati (Jupiter) in 1st house:

Well placed Jupiter in ascendant can nullify many malefic doshas in the chart. If Jupiter is in it's own sign Sagittarius, Pisces or in its exalted sign Cancer then there is a great Rajyoga Hans Yoga. The native of this rajyoga will be beautiful, attractive, virtuous, long lived, fearless, religious, generous, fortunate, healthy, wealthy, philanthropist, respectable in society. Their life philosophy is great.

Physically they may be stout and overweight. Jupiter in 1st house also aspects 5th and 9th house. So the auspicious houses in the chart are activated. These houses will provide the native with happiness, fortune, material wealth. Enjoy a happy married life and get happiness from children and their spiritual inclination is high.

Brihaspati (Jupiter) in 2nd house:

2nd house signify speech, wealth, family, food habits, eyes, basic education etc. Well placed Jupiter may give the earning from teaching, banking, public speaking, trust etc. They will be good in financial management and advisory. In family, they will take all the financial decisions wisely. They will speak fluently like a scholar and will have control over the grammar. They  love truth. If there is no malefic aspect, their food habits can be satwik but they are good eaters. They may be interested in occult studies as well. They have attractive faces. From 2nd house Jupiter aspects 6th ,8th and 10th. Mainly Airth trikon. Blessed with great coordination and harmony in family.

Brihaspati (Jupiter) in 3rd house:

3rd house represents courage, self effort, communication, brothers, confidence etc. Jupiter in 3rd house is not an auspicious placement. Because the 3rd house is about action, efforts and the domain of Jupiter does not match here. Jupiter is a knowledge, teaching etc. But it may not harm the house significations, only thing is that it may not give the desired results. They will put more effort for gaining knowledge.

The position will be good for financial management, communication field, information technology, media etc. Siblings will be successful. 5th aspect on life partner house 7th is favourable for married life.

Brihaspati (Jupiter) in 4th house:

Fourth house represent  happiness, home, vehicle, land, education, mother etc. Jupiter in this house makes the native happy, contented. There is a sense of satisfaction in one’s life. If Jupiter is in it's own sign Sagittarius, Pisces or in its exalted sign Cancer then there is a great Rajyoga Hans Yoga. Great yoga for name, fame and wealth.

The Native will have good education and their main interest may be on financial field unless some affliction. They will like to live in a big house, big family and also they will have the liking for big vehicles. They may live in upper floors in an apartment and it is advisable that they should not stay in underground floors. Jupiter in 4th house will aspect 8th and 12th houses. That means ‘moksha trikona’ or spiritual trine will be very active. If Jupiter is well positioned, they will be spiritual in nature. They can be spiritual teacher, preacher as well. They will have an interest in occult sciences. They will try to learn meditation and spiritual aspects. Great support from mother will be like a teacher for them. They have lots of servants.

Brihaspati (Jupiter) in 5th House:

5th house signifies intelligence, creativity, past deeds, learning, children, speculation etc. Jupiter in this house shows that native has carried good past deeds to this life. They will be very intelligent, scholarly figure. They will feel blessed and contented. They will lead a peaceful and meritorious life. They may earn through teaching and preaching. There will be all round success and prosperity. They will try to expand their knowledge and learning. Their children will be educated and will be prosperous but they have some tension because of son. 5th house also indicates womb. In female horoscope, Jupiter will also protect the womb or garbha sthana. Native will be learned or a minister of the king.

Brihaspati (Jupiter) in 6th house:

6th house signify service, diseases, conflicts, enemies, debt, competition, stress etc. If Jupiter is well placed then there will be material prosperity, get respect in the workplace. But they will be like a ‘Guru’ in their workplace. They may get and pay the loan  easily. May have digestive problems, obesity, diabetes, lung infection etc. Their Airth trikon is also activated. So money wise fortunate. They will have less number of enemies. Native is clever and well versed in the recitation and utility of Mantras. They will be health and hygiene conscious. Good in argument and debate.

Brihaspati (Jupiter) in 7th house:

7th house represents marriage life, spouse, partnerships, etc. If Jupiter is in it's own sign Sagittarius, Pisces or in its exalted sign Cancer then this is a great Rajyoga Hans Yoga. Great yoga for business, married life, partnership, gains from marriage etc. Native will be attractive, principled, justice lover and more liberal than father. Life partner will be devoted, cultured, well behaved having traditional values of life and have good character, knowledge etc. The spouse may have an interest in spirituality and religion. They follow morality and ethics. Jupiter placed in 7th house in some signs and combinations can create disturbance in marital happiness. They take relationships very serious whether marriage or any legal/business relationships. They make sure others are happy. They are very responsible and reliable person.

Brihaspati (Jupiter) in 8th house:

8th house deals with longevity, transformation, suddenness, Meditation, research etc.  Well placed Jupiter gives longevity. There may have some unexpected gains from fair sources. They have research-based scientific attitude. May involve in charity and social work. They may be interested in occult science and have intuitive abilities, may be blessed with psychic and supernatural powers. Disturbance in education and they might face unhappiness from children. Financial fluctuations may be a problem. This is a moksha yoga.

Brihaspati (Jupiter) in 9th houses:

9th house is considered for luck, wisdom, teaching, father etc. The native with this placement will be a respectable person and earn huge wealth. They will follow dharma and moral values. They will follow tradition and rituals. They will do good as teachers, preachers, public speakers and in religion and spirituality etc. The work they do is not necessarily has to be religious but the thing is that whatever they do, they do with ethics. They will be like a teachers in their field and people look up to them. Father of the native will also be respectable in society, and possess wealth and fortune. Get reputed post in system. Enjoy kingly status. If Jupiter is in malefic effect then they may be very argumentative and rigid about their beliefs and ideology.


Brihaspati (Jupiter) in 10th house:

The person with this placement may be kind, generous, noble, helpful, wise, trustworthy, spiritual and a  selfless, saintly person. Jupiter in career, name fame, status house 10th bless the person with divinity and destiny. Jupiter’s position in the 10th house is a great asset of the horoscope. You may be a judge, trader, philanthropist or businessman when is in 10th house. It can also make you a political head or a manager of some financial concern(Banking, MBA). Person may earn a lot of name, fame and success in career and society. People trust the advice of person with 10th Jupiter. Money is never the priority, status and dignity is always priority. Social respect is high of these person. They always carry high  morals & ethics. They are the deep believers of honesty & trueness and would follow all the required norms & conventions at work place. They believe upon themselves for the success and their inner strength will make them win over most of hurdles in their path. Besides this, their knowledge & intellect would further strengthen their path.

Brihaspati (Jupiter) in 11th house:

11th house is about gains, desires, achievements etc. Jupiter in this house will aspect 3rd and 7th house. So ‘Kama trikona’ will be very active. There will be high desires and ambitions in life but they will earn wealth in rightful ways. They will be high with confidence and courage. This house shows network of people around you. They are very careful of their image in friends and social circle. Mostly they will be associated with like minded people. They will be generous and charitable in nature. Attain recognition after 32nd year. High comfort of vehicles. Blessed with children and get great fortune after the birth of son.

Brihaspati (Jupiter) in 12th house:

12th house represents loss, hospitals, expenditure, liberation, charity etc. Jupiter provides the knowledge in understanding the divine, philosophy and moksha vidya. They may relocate to foreign land to teach spirituality and philosophy. They spend their money more on religious and spiritual stuff. They may visit pilgrimages, temples and holy places. They may spend wealth for the cause of spiritual expenses such as building temples, orphanages, choultries or dharamshalas, old age centres. They may suffer humiliation in society and particularly of Saturn aspects. They may suffer hospitalisation due to disease caused by liver disorders such as Jaundice, diabetes, phlegmatic diseases like bronchitis etc. Unhappiness from children is quite possible.


Please note that the results mentioned above does not consider strength of Jupiter in terms of Shadbal, conjunction etc. Also position of Jupiter in various signs are important to be considered in prediction.

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