What is Deepdan Maha Aarti or Brihaspati Aarti?
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What is Deepdan Maha Aarti or Brihaspati Aarti?

Every evening and especially on Thursday evenings at 7 pm at Brihaspati Dham Mandir (Jaipur) Deepdan Maha Aarti takes place. Before Deepdan Maha Aarti, the idol of Lord Brihaspati is showered with Panchamrita (a concoction of 5 essential food items specifically created to be used for worshiping Hindu Gods), Kesar (Saffron), Cow’s Ghee, Sandle wood, Honey, refined sugar (bura), Yoghurt (dahi), essential herbs, water from holy Indian rivers, Kewra water, rose water, cow milk, Itra, and, ashthgandha. After Panchamrita the idol of Lord Brihaspati is decorated with Garlands (Phool mala) of various flowers along with the idol is worn a new dress.
108 Deepak (Small earthen lamps made with clay) are lit using pure ghee of cow in front of the idol of Lord Guru Brihaspati. Lord Brihaspati is also offered Besan Ladoo (Indian sweet), Raisins, Yellow lentils, Turmeric clove. The Deepdan Maha Aarti takes place in the natural illumination of 108 Deepak, creating ?a mesmerizing holy divinity of Lord Dev Guru Brihaspati.
If you want to take part in Deepdan Maha Aarti or want to offer the dress worn by the idol of Lord Brihaspati on Maha Aarti, please contact
Mandir Office.
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