Brihaspati Puja | How Guru Poornima is celebrated at Brihaspati Dham
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How Guru Poornima is Celebrated at Brihaspati Dham | Brihaspati puja

On the auspicious day of Guru Poornima, the Idol of Lord Brihaspati is showered with Panchamrita 
(a concoction of 5 essential food items specifically created to be used for worshiping Hindu Gods) Kesar (Saffron), Cow’s Ghee, Sandle wood, Honey, refined sugar (bura), Yoghurt (dahi), essential herbs, water from holy Indian rivers, Kewra water, rose water, cow milk, Itra, and, Ashthgandha. After Panchamrita the 
idol of Lord Brihaspati is decorated with Garlands (Phool mala) of various flowers along with the idol 
is worn a new dress.
Guru Poornima is also celebrated as Guru Diksha Day. On this day not only devotees worship Lord Brihaspati, they also pay respect to their own Guru’s or make new Guru’s. In Brihaspati temple, Devotees make Guru Narendra Ji their own Guru, by paying their respect and offering offerings to the Guru. In return Guru Narendra Ji who is also the mahant of Brihaspati Dham Mandir Jaipur, provides his pupils with Guru Mantra.
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