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Brihaspati Dham and Brihaspati Temple Mission Statement

At the moment out of over 1.2 billion hindu population around the world and over 1 billion Hindu population in India, not even 1% of people are aware that they can pray to Lord Brihaspati him-self instead of praying to Banana tree or Vishnu. The aim of Brihaspati Dham is to make people aware of the Lord Dev Guru Brihaspati so they can attain his blessings. Brihaspati Dham also aims at spreading the Hindu cultural values and way of Sattvic living, depicted in Vedas.

Brihaspati Dham also aims to deliver or impart knowledge of better life and development of society by providing the necessary resources to tackle the modern world scenarios or issues. This mission or aim of Brihaspati Dham was set up by the founder, Guru Narendra Sharma.


Mandir Opening Timings

Monday          6AM - 9PM
Tuesday        6AM - 9PM
Wednesday    6AM - 9PM
Thrusday       6AM - 10PM
Friday          6AM - 9PM
Saturday       6AM - 9PM
Sunday          6AM - 9PM

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