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Paatotsav (Inauguration Day) 
at Brihaspati Temple

The 5.5 ft. Idol of Lord Brihaspati was established on 7 July 2009 with a grand celebration and since that day every year on that very same day is celebrated as Paatotsav with grand celebration.
The temple is decorated with alluring lights and with thousands of Garlands (Phool Mala). On 6July Kalash Yatra takes place in which hundreds of women carry earthen pot filled with holy Ganga Water from a nearby temple bring to Brihaspati Dham Mandir. During the journey from the temple to Brihaspati Dham Mandir, these women sing the holy songs of Lord Brihaspati. The same very Ganga water is used to shower the idol 
of Lord Brihaspati next day on 7th July.
On 7th July, holy priests chant Vishnu Sahastra Naam along with a havan. In the afternoon Maha Abhishek(shower of the idol) of Lord Brihaspati takes place using many ritualistic ingredients including Panchamrit, pure ghee, sugar, etc. while chanting the holy mantras.
After the Abhishek, the idol of Lord Brihaspati is decorated with Garlands and worn a new dress. In the evening after the Maha aarti Of Lord Brihaspati, dinner(bhojan prasadi) starts, in which thousands 
of devotees join. Every year on top of the Shikhara of Brihaspati Dham Mandir, Brihaspati Dhwaja (Flag) is hoisted. If you are interested in hoisting the flag on the day of Paatotsav, then please contact Mandir office. If you wish to hoist flag any other day, you can book it here.
If you wish to take part in the next 7 July Patotsav or want to donate anything for the event please contact Mandir Office.
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