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About Brihaspati Dham Mandir


The Grand Vision

The construction of Brihaspati Dham Mandir was completed on 7th July 2009. The Mandir is situated in Jaipur, not far from the old town of Jaipur and 10 minutes from Jaipur airport. It is situated at the bank of Dravyavati river, which flows throughout the city. The decision to build a beautiful temple dedicated to lord Dev Guru Brihaspati was taken up by Guru Narendra Sharma. Guru Narendra Sharma had a vision in which Lord Dev Guru Brihaspati instructed him to build a magnificent temple for the Lord Brihaspati. This task, Guru Narendra Sharma completed within 45 days with the blessing of Lord Brihaspati. However, the temple was still far from being completely constructed.


Year by year devotees saw changes in the temple, whether big or small, these changes or improvements were clearly visible. These improvements were possible due to the blessings of Lord Brihaspati and the worship and faith or Brihaspati devotees.


Brihaspati and Shiva

In 2011, Temple went through a major change, when a Shiv Linga was established within the Brihaspati Temple premises. The Shiv linga was named Dhaneshwar Mahadev, which translates to provider wealth. Since lord Brihaspati is also considered to be the provider of wealth and worshiping lord Brihaspati and Shiva together is considered to reward devotees with immense wealth and success. Dhaneshwar Mahadev is also Dakshin Mukhi, in other words facing south, which is rarely seen in Shiv Lingas. Since the day of establishment, Poorna Rudra Abhishek has been performed every single day on Dhaneshwar Mahadev. Some days during the Rudra Abhishek of Dhaneshwar Mahadev, suddenly a scorpion or a snake has been found making its way to the Shiv Linga and sitting on top of it. 


Brihaspati and Hanuman

In 2014, there was another significant change in the temple with the establishment of Dakshin Mukhi Veer Hanuman. Since Lord Hanuman is facing south towards the Idol of Lord Brihaspati, hence he was named Dakshin Mukhi Veer Hanuman. Both Dhaneshvar Mahadev, situated on the left side of the main entrance and Dakshin Mukhi Veer Hanuman, situated on the right side of the main door are facing Lord Brihaspati. 


The construction in the temple has not stopped since it was established, improving every day until the temple has been constructed according to the specifications of Lord Brihaspati provided to Guru Narendra Sharma in his vision.


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Mandir Opening Timings

Monday          6AM - 9PM
Tuesday        6AM - 9PM
Wednesday    6AM - 9PM
Thrusday       6AM - 10PM
Friday          6AM - 9PM
Saturday       6AM - 9PM
Sunday          6AM - 9PM

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